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*If you are a registered charity or a non-profit organization, you first need to register to the Fundky LIVE community as a beneficiary. Click here

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Login in the top menu.
  3. Log in or create your Fundky Connect account for free!
  4. Create your charity stream! You can do so by clicking on Create a charity stream from the top menu, or from your dashboard when you’re logged in.

To access your dashboard when you’re logged in, click on your first name in the top menu, and then click on Dashboard. Then, click on the CREATE A CHARITY LIVE STREAM button on your dashboard’s homepage.

You are now in the process of creating your online event!

4.1 - Choose a charity

Choose the charity you want donations to go to during your livestream. You can search for a specific organization using the search bar or browse all organizations using the arrows.

Note: if the organization you want to raise funds for isn’t a part of the LIVE community yet, tell us so we can let me know! 

4.2 - Details

Add the information about your charity stream.

4.3 - Connect a channel

Connect your Twitch account or your YouTube Live video by clicking on the platform’s logo and adding your Twitch channel name or your YouTube Live ID.

Congrats, your event has been created! 

To raise more funds and create more interaction, we highly recommend you customize your stream page using incentives and other fun elements, like a clan fight to make your audience vote in a bidwar. To do so, click on CUSTOMIZE

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