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Raphaël Lapointe

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You would like to create a campaign to support a cause? Simply follow these steps:

1. Place your cursor on Contribute in the top menu, then click Create a campaign on the menu that appears.

2. If you already have a Fundky account, sign in to continue. If not, create your Fundky account in a few clicks to finish creating your campaign.

3. Follow these steps to create your campaign:

3.1. Details

About your campaign: Indicate the main information of your campaign:

  • Your goal (the amount you want to raise)
  • The name of your campaign
  • The type of the campaign (single participants, teams with participants or single campaign page. To learn more about the different campaign types, click here)

Click on the NEXT button

3.2. Personalization

Customize your campaign: Add a photo banner (if the size isn’t the right one, you can download your photo on a website that compresses pictures) and a description to your campaign page.

3.3. Confirmation

Once your campaign is created, you can continue customizing it or you can share it with your network to start raising funds!

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