Paying the administrative fees for a donation



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Currently only available on Fundky.live for organizations using WePay as a payment gateway

A donor may choose to cover the administrative costs so that the organization receives the full amount of the donation. This feature is currently only available on Fundky.live


  • A donor wants to give $20. The organization will receive $20 - the transaction fee from Fundky and the payment gateway.
  • The donor can now cover the fees so that the organization receives $20 directly into their bank account.
  • In the donation form, the donor can check the box "Cover transaction fees". The donor will then have to pay $20 + fees. For transparency, we always show the new amount to be paid. 

How are the fees calculated?

Fees are calculated according to the formula provided by the Stripe payment gateway. See the table below. For more details, please refer to the Stripe page https://support.stripe.com/questions/passing-the-stripe-fee-on-to-customers

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