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Raphaël Lapointe

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You want to edit your profile information? Follow these steps to do so:

1. Log in to your Fundky account on your platform.

2. Once you’re logged in, place your cursor on your name in the top menu, and then click on My profile in the menu that appears.

You are now on your personal profile information.

3. You can check or/and modify your Basic information

3.1. Role

3.2. Title

Choose from the options.

3.3. First name

3.4. Last name

3.5. Preferred language

You can choose between the languages suggested.

3.6. Email address

Note: These first 6 sections are automatically filled after your registration. They remain editable at all times.

3.7. Click on Save to save your modification

4. Then, modify your Additional information by clicking on the pencil icon on the right in the Personal Address square.

4.1. Address

Number and name of the street

4.2. Unit

Apartment, unit number

4.3. City

4.4. Country

Scroll down the menu to find your country

4.5. Province

Scroll down the menu to find your province or state (depending on your country chosen)

4.6. Postal code

4.7. Phone

4.8. Extension

Extension of your phone number if it’s applicable

4.9. Click on Update to save your address

5. You can also add a company address by clicking on the plus icon.

Fill out all your information. For more info on it, refer to the 4. Section of this article. Click on Update to save.

Congratulations! Your personal information are updated.

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