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Welcome to Fundky! Fundky is a network that regroups several organizations. Each organization has its own online fundraising platform.

With your Fundky Connect account, you can:

  • Browse every platform of the Fundky network with the same account
  • Participate in fundraising events
  • Create fundraising campaigns (if allowed by the organization)
  • Manager all your transactions and donations receipts in the same account
  • And much more!

To learn more about Fundky Connect, please refer to this article.

Create an account

Follow these steps in order to create your Fundky account:

1. Go to the organization's Fundky platform.

2. Place your cursor on Contribute in the top menu, and select Register in the menu that appears.

3. Complete the required information. Do not forget to read and accept the Terms of use!


To access your administration, click on VIEW MY DASHBOARD

Complete your profile

You can complete your profile to fit your preferences. To access your profile information, place your cursor on your first name that appears in the top menu, and select My profile from the menu that appears. 

Basic information

Complete this information:

  • Title: choose the title that defines you best from the suggested titles.
  • Preferred language: set your preferred language. It will be used when you receive notifications or emails, for example.

Additional information

You can save addresses in your profile: a personal and a corporate address. By saving these addresses to your profile, you can register and make payments faster. For example, if you're making a donation, you can simply log in during the donation process and your address will automatically be pre-filled with the saved address from your profile. This way, you don't have to add it manually each time.

To learn more about saved addresses, refer to this article

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